Can't Change Dimensions

Hi, I registered just so I can’t say that this program is useless. Even tutorials say “it’s hard to change the size later, so get it right the first time”. Everyone knows this is a problem. I’m not going to use this software, it’s too bad.

What is your specific question? You might learn to enjoy working with the program.

I think you meant to say: “just so I can say that this program is useless”.

For a single line that you made that is the wrong length, you can select the line and in Entity Info type in the length it should have been.

For a rectangle that is the right width but the wrong length, you can use the Scale tool and scale in the length direction, then type the intended length, and Enter, and the length will become correct.

Actually Colin, in your suggestions above, I think you mean to say “the wrong width” on one of them, and by the way, neither of your suggestions work, in “entity info”, the length is read-only, and scale changes the original dimension by a scale factor, which only God knows what the original dimensions was. I guess we can write it on a sheet of paper, to remember for later?

Millions of people like me would not be using this program every day to support our careers if it was as useless as you think. Things are changeable, dimensions are all adjustable with precision, you just don’t know how, because you have not learned how to use the program.

Take a week, start with the basics, ask relevant questions here and you could progress to become one of the many, many happy Sketchup users.


Scale changes by a scale factor unless you specify a dimension. I don’t know that God guy, but if you’d known the previous dimension, the factor would be useful. If you just drew by guess, use a dimension. If you type ‘1m’ as the scale factor, it will scale it to be exactly one metre in the direction you specified.

I meant length. Here’s a screen recording where I have a line that should have been 10 foot long, and a rectangle that should have had a length of 10 feet.

Let’s see what happens if you ping him :slight_smile:


God is a new user here. So you just pinged him.

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I know, maybe new users could learn from each other!
Share some expectations, insights etc.


I suspect there is nothing I want to learn from the op of this thread.

You seem to want a parametric modelling package. Go get Solidworks, it’s only $1,295/year+tax.

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Well, maybe the phrasing in the tutorial could be adjusted for the ‘unwillingly‘, or a separate one for those coming from a ‘CAD’ background.