Can't cancel Auto Renewal

I tried the 7 day free trial on my Ipad then to my surprise after the trial, it was automatically converted to monthly subscription. Now, I want to refund it and cancel the subscription. On the FAQs it says to turn it off in the Plan Settings but when I checked, it says I need to contact the Account Owner when in fact I am the account owner. I tried contacting the support but still no response.

If you’ve done the trial via the App Store, your Apple subscriptions are handled by the “subscriptions” settings area on your iPad.
Same as if you subscribe to Disney+ via your iPad.

I did checked it but there’s no option on my Apple Subscription as well to cancel it.

As per my research, I need to turn off auto renewal in Plan Settings but it says there to contact the Account Owner. It’s weird that my account is assigned as admin when I checked the Members. While I can see that the Owner is a Deleted User which I did not do.

Ah. The mystery deleted user. Nobody really knows how that happens.

Contact support - if it hasn’t been processed by Apple, then you have 14 days to cancel/get a refund

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