Can't Add on to a Group



I was going along adding rectangle to my existing framing and erasing the intersections. I thought I was done so I started on interior walls. I realized I missed some of the framing so I made a group of the interior walls and saved the group to its own layer. When I tried to add a new rectangle to the framing, the intersetion line is bold. When I try to erase it, all the existing framing is deleted. I’ve confirmed that the raw elements are in layer0 and that layer0 is selected. The framing group is also active. I’m trying to add in the far left of the model where I haven’t created any interior walls. I would like to know what else I can check to debug this situation or similar ones in the future. When things go wrong in SketchUp its tough to figure out what caused. I’ve wiped out the model and started from scratch two times already. Model is attached. I’m trying to add on to the group in the framing layer. I’ve made the group active and layer0 is selected.House_Plan.skp (885.7 KB)


Your “group” is nested within another group. You either need to remove the extra wrapping of the second group or double click twice to enter the second group for editing.


Double double clicking the framing group fixed the problem. I deleted all of the interior walls, added them back and made a group out of them. This time, it was able to add to the framing without a problem. I must have screwed something up the last time.


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