Cannot validate 2 of my Fredo6 bundle licenses

I have been able to validate most of the extensions in my newly purchased Fredo6 bundle but two of them FredoCorner and VisuHole will not validate.

Even though I have downloaded the License it does not show up when the exentions try to validate

The license is actually in the folder though

does anyone know what might be going on

Like I said all of the others in the bundle were able to validate

You should ask at Sketchucation.

Yes you should ask at sketchucation, but it looks like you are trying to validate Fredo Corner with a license for Round Corner, they are different.

ok thanks

Is FredoCorner a paid extension now, or is it still free

FredoCorner is a paid extension and is not included in the bundle. It requires a separate license. You would see that in the FredoCorner thread on Sketchucation as well as in the thread regarding more of his extensions becoming paid. More Fredo6 plugins becoming paid extensions • sketchUcation • 1