Cannot 'tab' through RGB values when editing a colour

Since upgrading from 23 to 24 there appears to be an annoying glitch that will not allow you to tab through RGB values when editing a colour or colour values. This is slightly annoying as I have to input each value with a mouse click rather than just press tab. Would anyone know why this is happening? Cheers

The inspector panels are being migrated to use the Qt cross-platform GUI libraries.

Data field TAB order is one of the outstanding issues. It is a work in progress, and several of the dialog interfaces and inspector panels have this known issue.

BTW, your forum profile still lists your OS as Win 8.1. This old OS is not supported nor tested with SketchUp versions from 2021 onward.

Thanks for the reply Dan, I am using Windows 11 - I just must have not updated my profile!
Thanks again for the response, Cheers, Nick

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As Dan suggests, this is a known problem, and we haven’t yet fixed it.

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