Cannot start SU2023

I am currently using SU2022, but when I try to use SU2023 with a new DL, I get an error loading the extension and it crashes.
I thought I deleted the plugin folder for SU2023, but the situation is still the same.
What can I do…

First question: did you install 2023 correctly by opening the dmg and then dragging the SketchUp icon onto the applications icon in the dialog, then trash the dmg?

Second question: what extension are you taking about?

We are doing the installation the right way.
I am using a Mac, and after deleting the plugin-related files from the applications folder (they were left behind when I DL’d SU2023 in the past), it now starts up fine!
Nothing in the extensions, though…

By the way, the 3D connexion mouse does not work.
I’m sure there was a solution and I’d like to try that.

I have over 80 plug-ins.
It will take a lot of time to migrate from this,
I may fall behind…

I’m always curious how you guys migrate extensions…

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Although it has long been requested, there is no Extension Warehouse facility to migrate extensions from one version of SketchUp to another (although sketchUcation has a system for ones downloaded from its plugins store). And, of course, extensions downloaded directly from a vendor site depend on whatever their developers implemented - no consistency promised!

So you normally have two choices:

  • manually reinstall your extensions (Yes, this is time-consuming and annoying. The devs are aware of that).
  • copy your extensions from the prior folder and hope all of them are still compatible with the new version of SketchUp. Be prepared to wrestle with issues if not. Of course, this is not possible if you already trashed the previous Plugins.

If you are getting an error from a specific extension, please tell us which one so others can investigate, and if possible contact the extension author about 2023 compatibility.

Regarding the 3DConnexion mouse, get and install their latest driver. It is aware of SketchUp 2023, previous versions are not.

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