Cannot See Geometry

Here is a file of a house that a student asked me to help with. Looking at the model info and components window, there is lots of geometry here, but I’ll be darned if I can make it visible. My bag of tricks is empty, any ideas? The model is attached. Thanks!
8.1_Reed_draft.skp (8.4 MB)

Try this. There is some geometry placed very far from the origin which is making navigation impossible. I’m not sure what is, I’ll keep looking but here is a cleaned version.

Saved reed.skp (5.4 MB)

Perfect. What did I miss so I’ll know for next time?

This occurs when some piece of geometry is miles and miles away from the origin or a text label gets disconnected from it’s geometry sometimes. It is not uncommon with poorly made 3Dwarehouse models. In this case the offending item is somewhere in the 7bbed4… component, you could just delete that one. A quick fix is to show the origin and select the area around the origin axis (thereby selecting most everything you want and not the far off stuff you don’t then copy paste in place to a fresh file. I this case the navigation was far gone the origin could not be found (switching to perspective camera helps too) so instead I opened the outliner and right clicked on “Helen” as I knew she would be near the origin, I clicked on zoom selection to get to Helen, then zoomed out until I could see the rest of the model. Then used a selection box and copy pasted into a fresh file. You could also just invert the selection and delete, or spend time digging through the outliner to find the offending geometry.

The offender is this fireplace, which somehow got placed a very large distance from the rest of the model. I left it with the name it had in the model, so you can look for it there, delete it, and then replace it with the attached. How did your student obtain the components in the model? Several of them have names like this one that look like GUIDs from when the files were in a tmp folder.

7bbed4ff-27e9-4658-9f30-31696b948732.skp (1.8 MB)

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