Cannot save drawing-cannot open drawing

Recently downloaded Sketchup Pro 2015. Used a couple days and begin saving very slowly. Finally just got to where the save just kept running and never did finish. Started trying to open saved files and this started running forever. Anybody see this happening? Removed Sketchup 2015 and reloaded. No change. Have 1-1/2 weeks work at risk. Thanks,

Operating System ?
SketchUp Version Number?
Installed Extensions/Plugins?
Recent Changes to the System?

Windows 8, Skethup 2015, Engineering toolbox and Askeng, no changes. Had problems with Internet Explorer also. Thanks,

The more you tell the folks here about what you’re doing and what you’re working with the more they can help.
Which version of IE and what kind of problems?
Have you tried doing a little browser maintenance?

Is yours a standalone system or part of a network?
Are you working from or saving to external storage?

Next, try disabling plugins.

Click … Window > Ruby Console
Copy and paste this snippet into the ruby console and hit Enter


Then close and restart SketchUp.

Talked with Sketchup Support and they said that they have a problem with Sketchup 2015-64 bit that can cause Internet Explorer to act weird as well as file saving problems. He recommended deleting the 64 bit version and downloading the 32 bit edition. He said I wouldn’t notice any difference? I did this and it seems to be working. Thanks,

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How do I do that? Thanks

How you just replied now is perfect! In the future just try not to include those items. I went ahead and edited the post for ya but you can find it below:

Thanks for your help. I am new to such things.

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