Cannot recolor DWG

I am trying to recolor a .dwg file that I received of a large office building. I need it be all one color but it is several and the paint bucket tool is not applying the color i want

I have tried exploding the model and reversing the faces, nothing is working.

is ‘Color by Layer’ turned on ?


It is not turned on

If you can share the model someone here will take a look

untitled.kmz (8.0 MB)

The final needs to be a kmz, this was the only file type small enough i could share

You can either use Color By Layer if you want to just ‘override’ the materials that are there now. If you want to actually change all their colors, it’s best to start by removing all if the existing ones first. Here is an extension that can do that:

You can then just apply any color to bldg you want:

Thank you!!

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Delete All Materials is a Native Command

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