Cannot open SketchUp for Web

I opened a SketchUp file in the web version so that I could export a DWG file. I was never able to successfully export. But the larger issue is that I can no longer even open SketchUp for Web. I have tried many times now and I get this page:

I don’t use a Mac but I seem to remember that people have had all sorts of problems with the Web version and Safari, and better luck with Chrome.

OK, so now I am using Chrome. The process starts and I have no idea what happens afterwards. If I were successful, where would the dwg be located? After it is processed, does a new window pop up that asks for where I would like to save the dwg? If so, how long does this usually take? I came across threads from a few years back where people said it could take hours. That is unworkable. I have to be able to import and export dwg files. Since I have not been able to import and export directly from the desktop program (and there has been no solution to this problem), I was hoping the web version would be my workaround.

In the Export menu there is one Status Dashboard or something similar.