Cannot open old Sketchup files (2009) with the 2021 free web version

I am facing issues in opening old sketchup drawigs with the new 2021 free web version.
Attached error message.
Files are not heavy (e.g. 6MO) so should not be an issue linked to that.
Would you be able to support?
Many thanks

What is the extension of these files? You can upload one of them here for others to try.

AFAIK there wasn’t a version of SU called 2009. It went from v8M1 (current around 2012) to 2013, if I remember correctly.

Can you upload a sample file or two that won’t open? Someone else can try it, and see if it will open for them, perhaps in a desktop version if the Web version won’t open it. If so, it could be saved to a current version.

The snarky tone of that message is pretty unprofessional and does not look like anything I have ever heard of SketchUp posting - in any version. The window frame says RECOIL. Is that something familiar to you?

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I just opened the oldest SketchUp file I could find in my folders on the Web version without problems. It was from SketchUp version 3, saved in 2003.

RECOIL is a program that can open old picture formats, specifically ones that are old enough that they came from the 20th Century.

One of those formats is Atari 8 bit, and it had a file extension of .SKP. Somewhere you have RECOIL installed, and when trying to open SKP files they are opening in RECOIL instead of SketchUp 2021.

You could go into your Windows control panel and set SketchUp to be the owner of .SKP. Or open them from instead SketchUp, or right-click on the files and choose the first item, that will open the file in SketchUp 2021.

More info about RECOIL here:


Thank you so much for your prompt replies! So much appreciated!
Indeed, it seems that when we try to open a skp file it opens with RECOIL program as cannot find sketchup in the computer (we are using the web free version). We tried again by opening the file once in the web software and it finally opened. Strange. Probably a better wifi connection. In any case I think that the issue is indeed linked to RECOIL. So in case we face it again we will know how to tackle it. Thank you again for your support!!! Have a nice day!

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