Cannot load warehouse models - Subscription model again?

I use Pro 2015 and haven’t needed to upgrade to the new subscription model.

Today I have tried to load a model from Warehouse and been told I need to upgrade. What is going on?

This model was last updated 2014 and I get this message for almost all models. It really is a complete sham the new model Trimble are following. Removing functionality to leverage a new purchase feels really scummy. Time to learn Blender.

Not subscription model again, merely outdated software on your end, it is no longer supported by the Warehouse. If you had searched you would see a number of similar posts / threads being generated in the last short while.

A workaround is to browse the Warehouse from your regular internet browser, download whatever it is you need and use the Extension “Open Newer Version” to open the downloaded content.


And you still don’t need to start liking subscriptions. There are solid classic licenses available for SketchUp 2019, if that is what you prefer.

Alternatively, you can download the .kmz (zipped Collada) version of models in 3D Warehouse and import them into SketchUp 2015.

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Alternatively you can download the Collada file and import it into SketchUp.

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Many thanks to all. Using a browser to download works just fine.