Cannot install extensions on Windows 10


I cannot install extensions to Windows 10 with sketchup 2016. Please help


We need more information to be able to help.
What extensions are you trying to install and what problems are you having?


I’m trying to install export stl, and there is no way to install any type of .rbz on Windows 10 like there was on 7. Usually you go to preferences find it and install on 10 there is no preferences with extension list


I’m sorry, but there is no difference from win 7 to win 10.
Download the RBZ to a folder you can find. Go Window/Preferences/Extensions/Install extension navigate to the previously downloaded RBZ and install it.

Or go Window/Extension warehouse search for the plugin and install it.


I went to school for computer information Science im telling you there is no extension folder anywhere I tried last night for 3 hours. I will try window/extension warehouse but when I find the file it doesn’t ask me to install like it did when I had 7 it tries to open it


Before I could find the SketchUp file location I could go in there I could find plugins and I couldn’t install right to the plugins folder now when I go to SketchUp there is no plugins folder


It doesn’t matter what you went to school for. The correct way to install the downloaded RBZ file on Windows 7 AND Windows 10 is to Open SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>Extensions and choose Install Extension… Navigate to and select the RBZ file, choose Open and the affirmative answers in the following message boxes. If you were just putting the RBZ files in the Plugins folder, you were not installing them.

A better and easier way to install is to use Window>Extension Warehouse and let it install the extension automatically.

There is indeed a Plugins folder in User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp…


Sorry I’m an old man I’ll bow down to your obvious superiority in all things IT.


I by no means am trying to make you feel dumb I appreciate the help, mind you when I went to school I was learning windows Vista, so windows 10 is a whole new animal l. It’s sad I can write code but I cannot install a simple plugin lol I truly cannot figure this out for the life of me


What your not understanding is when you hit window there is no preferences menu and longer. Have you used windows 10??


I’m not sure what to say here but… are you understanding what we mean by window/ as in on the top menu bar within sketchup.


If I remember correctly I think that changed too cause I’m running sketchup 2016 I will check that when j get home thank you. I may have been doing it wrong the whole time lol


I think I was literally manually installing on Windows 7


I’m on 2016 and every other version back beyond SU7 plus I have XP, Win 7 and win 10 in this room. I can assure you you aren’t making me feel dumb.


If you were just dropping RBZ files into the Plugins folder, you were not installing them.

Well, I’m not a computer expert like you are so I may be doing it wrong but I see Preferences in the Window menu with SketchUp 2016 on Win 10. It’s between Model Info and 3D Warehouse.