Cannot get eyes to take a color

Does anyone know why I cannot get the rest of this spider’s eyes to turn black? The triangles will not do anything. Spiders.skp (578.0 KB)

You have multiple faces overlapping each other and the reddish ones are reversed. Try erasing the triangular faces one at a time until you get holes, then undo. Fix any reversed faces. Then you should be able to paint them all as you expect. The triangles with the heavy edges are actually several faces deep.

Screenshot - 1_12_2021 , 2_34_50 PM

Screenshot - 1_12_2021 , 2_35_03 PM

Thanks, I will do that

How were you able to tell that there was more than one face? Did you just know to check or was there something obvious that I missed.

The heavy edges were the first clue. They just looked strange. The other thing is the faces wouldn’t reverse until I got rid of the extra ones.

Ok, thanks. I will know what to look for in the future.

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