Cannot Find where "Hidden" Axis is

I’ve been having this recurring problem where no matter how many times I reset the axis in my model, it still keeps reverting back to some “other” axis that’s offset in a different direction.

Is there some “master axis” that’s a parent to all my other axes or objects/components that SU may be referring back to? I assumed that once I did a “Change Axes” command then all alignments would then follow my more recently set axis.

Here’s an example of a group (plywood sheet) that I have assigned the axis to. It’s clearly visible. But when I try to use a tool like Curic Rotate, it’s clearly keying off of a different “hidden” axis.

Is it possible that axis thing is generated by an extension? Curic Rotate appears to generate that sort of axis. Even when you have the nromal component/group axes displayed they don’t look like that.

Screenshot - 8_26_2021 , 6_18_27 PM