Cannot find files in Trimble Connect (Sketchup Shop Subscription)

Getting frustrated. Started models in free version. Paid for personal version (Sketchup Shop). Worked on models for weeks… they were saved and autosaved. Had to clear cache (for unrelated reasons) this past weekend… cannot find files on Hard Drive or Trimble Connect… frustrated (did i say that already?) that i can’t find them, that i can’t call for support (terms of agreement… guess i should have read the fine print), and that nothing that i’ve found on the forum solves my problem…

Can you see the files if you go to and sign in to your account? Make sure you are using the same e-mail address you used when you purchased the subscription. A number of other users have had the same complaint and it turned out they were using the wrong e-mail address.

Dave, thank you! i had seen this solution before, and thought i only had ONE account… the one i paid for… but i signed in using ‘google’ and found that i had started them with the free version which associated them to my google account (versus my registered email account). I think i’m G2G now.

You might want to download copies of the .skp files to your computer just in case.

OK, maybe not… how do i save them to my hard drive so that i can open them and save them to my registered account

You open them in SketchUp and choose Download from the hamburger menu, top left.

Or select the file in Trimble Connect and choose Download.
Screenshot - 6_17_2020 , 7_23_18 PM