Cannot Find file stamptool.rbs

I recently have downloaded SketchUp. I have the 2014 version. I opened the launcher and it came up with an error message saying “Cannot read stamptool.rbs” and then named a file path. I went to the file path to find that stamptool.rbs was 0 kb which means it did not exist, but was showing up somehow. Any help with this issue. A prompt reply would be nice as I would like to continue working on a school project.

Hi, is this on Windows or Mac OS? What is the path that was presented?

Stamptools.rbs comes from the extension Sandbox Tools. Did you install the Sandbox tools from the Extension Warehouse? Can you post the entire error message (OK to change personal user info)? Is the Sandbox Tools extension enabled at Window > Preferences > Extensions?

You should still be able to use SU after closing the error box.