Cannot draw an edge

In some situations I cannot draw a new edge between endpoints of existing ones, please see the clip


the sample model (an extract from a much bigger one) is attached
exmpl.skp (357.7 KB)

I can solve the problem in this specific case be deleting one of the existing edges, but since the real model is much bigger I would love to learn how to avoid such situations. Any comments will be welcome.

Thanks in advance,

SketchUp can not handle right the line segments smaller than let say ~0,5mm. Scale up your model.

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I will try, thanks for the suggestion…
but all the edges that are already present? the one I am trying to draw is even bigger than those…

I guess the inference system and a small distances in a tight space causing it. You can for example set your unit as meter but “think as a millimeter.”…

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