Cannot download models from 3d Warehouse

Hi everybody It’s my first topic!
I cannot download models from 3d Warehouse…I’m logged in but if I try to click as usual on the button DOWNLOAD nothing happens…
Maybe my Sketchup 2017 is too old?
Could someone help me?

Seconding this, it’s been happening for most of the week. I pressed the download buttons so many times that it said I hit the limit for downloads in one day even though nothing ever loaded.

2017 Make here too.

Forum searching…


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If you are using SketchUp 2017, 3D Warehouse does now show an error when you click on Download. As 2017 and 2018 are now not supported for using 3D Warehouse inside SketchUp, your only option is to use a web browser for downloading models. Or, do your search in the Components panel, and click on the thumbnail of the model you want to download. That will directly load the model into your scene.

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Thank you Colin, just another question, what is the Components panel?

In the Default Tray:

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Got it!
Thank you so much!! Solved!