Cannot Create/Edit Tags SU 2023 Pro

No Tags.skp (16.2 KB)

I can’t seem to create or even view tags in SU 2023 Pro. I’ve never had this problem in previous versions and only noticed it recently when completing a Revit import that had all the elements assigned with tags. I can see that the model HAS tags, (see screen shot below of that model) but they don’t appear anywhere in the Tag dialogue itself.

So I just created a blank .SKP file, drew a box, grouped it, and tried to create new tags and nothing works . I can’t create a new tag, or view tags, or do anything with tags.



The rectangle just under the name section can be dragged down.

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This is what Box is mentioning…
You can grab it with mouse and pull itt down to increase the window height.


Well, that just saved me a billion hours!

I’ve got to imagine it’d be a good idea to leave the default UI setup so that at least one tag row would show so that you can’t hide all of the functionality there.

Nice find @dezmo @Box !

I think it is a random bug that only happen to some people.
Try dragging it back up, mine won’t go all the way.

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