Cannot connect to 3D warehouse through my networki, but it works on 4G on my Phone

For some reason, I cannot connect to 3D warehouse today (it was working yesterday) through my network. I have tried different devices and browsers in addition to through the app. ) But on my phone, it works on 4G , but not when connected to the network. Could anyone tell me why? I am on Verizon, and live in New York City.



It seems likely that the issue may be related to your network connection and probably is not related to the SketchUp software. If possible you should try connecting to 3DWH from a different location to determine whether the problem continues to exist.

Thanks for your reply! However I able to access other websites. So is it possible that only this one is slow ?

are you trying from inside SU or from IE directly…
3D Warehouse is optimised for IE or Safari [on a mac] so may fail from other browsers…
make sure IE is up to date, clear your IE cache and try from inside SU…

It doesn’t work from inside or outside SU. And for other browsers