Cannot configure SketchUp for Schools

I cannot configure SketchUp for Schools. Each time I try, I get trapped in an infinite loop on the first page (Account-setup).

I’m trying to configure it for the domain that belongs to Microsoft Edu.

How can I do it???

@hlanchas SketchUp for Schools is a K-12 specific version of SketchUp that is only available to primary and secondary schools using G Suite and Microsoft for Education. Can you please provide a URL to your school’s website or other additional verification that you are associated with a K-12 account?

If you are not associated with an educational institution you can find details on our various options for commercial and hobbyist use of SketchUp on our website.

Our website is:

And our eMail domain is

We are a private K12 school from Madrid, Spain.

@hlanchas Thank you, I have added your domain to our whitelist so you should now be able to log in successfully.

Thank you so much @Steve_Ketchup but I still get stuck in the first page of the account setup… :cold_sweat:

Can you confirm that you are logged in with your Google account? If so does your school have any subdomains such as that are in use? We will need the exact domain to add to our whitelist (everything after the @ symbol).

Our teachers mail is but is not Google but Microsoft. Specifically my email is

Students have the domain

Thank you for all your help!