Cannot bring top shelf over the top of the sides

I am creating vinyl storage for my husband’s Christmas present. I received some online advice about the build so I’m essentially looking to create a six’ long, 1.2’ side and 3’ tall with a bottom, middle and top shelf as well as two vertical pieces to create six equal boxes. BUT, the bottom shelf will connect to the sides from the side whereas the top shelf will sit on TOP (so the top shelf should be 2" longer assuming the sides are 1" deep". I CANNOT get the top shelf to drag over the sides. I’ve only been using the drawing and push/pull tool.

Another issue I’m having is copying the other side and having the shelves on the interior instead of breaking out the second side into multiple pieces (which it’s doing currently, please see image 2).

I have either used existing plans or drawn out my builds by hand. This is my first time attempting to use software so I am at a loss. I’ve been watching tutorials but haven’t seen anything that has the shelf sitting on top. Please help, thank you!

Share the SketchUp file so we can see exactly how you have it set up.

Are the top, bottom and shelf components? Are they instances of the same component?

I did not make them components because I seemed to have more trouble manipulating the individual pieces when I did. But I can if that’s what necessary to change the sizes? I keep deleting what I have and starting over but am just greener than a beginner with this stuff… The attachment has a little bit more because I was playing around with it.
Vinyl.skp (29.6 KB)

OK. What you have now is basically a big lump like you would whittle it out of a huge chunk of wood. You need to make components of the parts that you would make in the shop so they can be manipulated.

I made a short video while I was waiting for you to share the file. Adding the verticals and back like you now have would basically be the same process. The video might still be processing.

Ahh, that makes sense. OK I can do that. I can’t view your video, however (no permission).

Once I make them components, can I manipulate the sizes by dragging them the way I have making the original pieces? Or do I have do do something else? Thanks so much for your help!

Evidently it’s still processing.

Edit: it appears to be finished processing.

Yes but you have to open the component for editing to be able to modify it.

So in this example, how would I extend that top shelf component so it rests on top of the side? Thank you, I’m sure it can be frustrating explaining things that are the fundamentals of the program.
Vinyl Component.skp (23.9 KB)

Open the component for editing and use Push/Pull on the end.
You should be able to watch the video I made now. Try the link again.

You’re welcome. I don’t mind doing it for folks like you who want to learn.

It worked! You rock, thank you so much!

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May I ask you ONE more question? I can’t seem to close this gap. The component goes in or out (lengthening or shortening the top shelf) but wont go up or down.


Get out of component edit and use the Move tool to move the component down.

Did you watch the video I made? If you construct the model as I did, or at least draw the rectangle for the top in place on top of the sides, you won’t have to move the top down into place like that.

I’m watching it now, thank you!!!

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Oh you even included the dado!!! This is tremendous, thank you!

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I broke out the shelves into unique components like you did in your video. They show they’re unique by the ID but when I do something to one it still repeats on the other. I can add this as a separate topic, I know I’ve taken up a lot of your time.
Vinyl Component not Unique.skp (36.7 KB)

You didn’t make the shelves unique in the same way that I did. You’ve got three differenet parent components that each contain an instance of the Bottom Shelf component.

You can see how I have the Top Shelf component opened for editing and the Bottom Shelf component inside selected. Note in Outliner on the right that both Middle Shelf and ShelfB also contain a Bottom Shelf component.
Open each of those top level components, right click on the Bottom Shelf component and choose Explode. When you get finished Outliner should look like this.
Screenshot - 12_6_2023 , 2_01_11 PM

Just a suggestion, provide some support in the center, either with a vertical panel or reinforce the shelves because, with a 6 feet span, these shelves may bend end even break if overloaded.

FWIW, one of her earlier attempts at modeling the shelf do have some vertical dividers as supports. I expect she’ll add them in again.

That was it exactly, I didn’t have the entire shelf highlighted to create a new component. So I’m still chugging along hahaha. I think my frame is off now because when I put the verticals back in they went in crooked. If anything, this is a very good trial in learning something new.

I tend to approach tasks like this by creating copies of a single small “box” component and using the scale tool to make all the needed rectangular board or timber shapes I need.

So you create the boxes first and the frame second?