Cannot apply a material

Cannot apply a material. Sketchup switches to default material when I try to apply Chromium material to a face.
The problem is in 2017 Sketchup . 2016 works fine.

Where is the Chromium material from? I can’t find any of that name in my SU 2017 installation…could be I’m not looking in the right way, but could also be it is from some custom materials collection?

The material is from Thea Render for SketchUp

Noticed it is not problem of Chromium material. Sketchup works wrong with other materials sometimes. Now I cannot apply White Matte material. Sketchup switches to “high reflective white” material when I try to apply White Matte material. I noticed If I double click on White Matte in material list in Sketchup and change its Opacity the problem is gone.
As I said the problem occurs in Sketchup 2017 only (MAC version). Sketchup 2016 works fine.