Cannot Anchor Trays, SUPro Studio, Windows10, 23.0.397

I can’t see as if I’d need a 5K display. The 4K units are coming way down in price lately.

Really, the main delay has been the lack of 200% scaling support for SketchUp.

(Without scaling everything would be about half the size. Ie, Currently I’m running FHD on a 25" external display and I’m looking at going up to a 28" 4K UHD display. This will shrink what I see now down into a 14" diagonal portion of the 28" 4K UHD screen.)

EDIT: I’ve come to understand the stores / sales are misrepresenting UHD displays as 4K, which is a Film industry standard of 4096 pixels wide. UHD is 3840 pixels wide and twice the 1920 pixels width of a FHD display, and also twice the height so it has 4 times the screen space as FHD. It ought to be termed “4X” not 4K.

The current 16:9 or 16:10 ratio 5K displays are Aimed at colour critical applications anyway (colour grading or photo editing) and are totally overkill for SketchUp which can’t use the wider colour spaces.

Besides the higher resolution screen, the more powerful machine you need driving it simply to render the SketchUp viewport.

I’m looking forward to that extra bit of scaling to become available.

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I was going nuts trying to get the default tray to show back up on my workspace after I deleted it by mistake.

Got it to show up but it wouldn’t anchor until I noticed a “floating” anchor (can anchors float? :slight_smile: ) and clicked on it - voila - it’s back where I wanted it.

Thanks, all.

Hi - where did you see the anchor to anchor your tray? My tray will not anchor no matter what I do… every time I restart SU I need to detach external monitors and find a tray then refresh it with all the options - but it won’t anchor even with one monitor