Cannot Analyse or upload to Web

Just a few days ago, I can not update analysis or upload to web from Sketchup 2020. Just a spinning icon. I can connected with my account via web browser and see all my old project. Please advises.
Thank you

Hi @thitipattpcad, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the analysis window with your model in the background. I want to see what weather location you are set to and the type of geometry you have set up for the analysis.

In addition, if you could attach your model here, I could take a look to see what might be going on.

Last month, I still can access with my notebook. Yesterday, I prepared my data for my course, but I stuck with the spinning icon. I attached the image and my test model with this post. FYI I changed with another models that I have, but it give me the same result.
Thank you

sefairaTest.skp (724.0 KB)

FYI. I changed my location to New York and it’s work. I think that may be the problem is on the data set for my country (Bangkok,Thailand).
Hope that help

Hi @thitipattpcad,

Thanks for your patience with the issue here. It does look like the Bangkok weather file is at issue here.

Let me pull in our dev team to take a look. I should have an update for you as soon as I hear back from them.

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Hi @thitipattpcad,

The issues stems to arise from the baseline selected for the envelope and space use properties and not the weather file.

If I were to change the baseline to anything other than ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013. In the example below I switched the baseline to “Part L” >> ran the analysis for Bangkok, Thailand >> results came back.

Then I switched the baseline back to the original ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013 >> and the analysis for Bangkok, Thailand >> and the results were populated again.

Our dev team is aware of the issue and will be solving this shortly.

thank you, I’ll try it. hope that fix soon