Cancelling Subscription out of Frustration

MacOS Ventura…No Joy! macOS Catalina…No Joy! MacBook Pro M1 silicon CRASHES and refuses to accept “Trimble Authentication” for 2022. Printer Scaling “1:1” useless. 3 Crashes in 3 hours? Not signing up for the 3rd year!

There must be something wrong with your machine, I have a MacBook Pro M1 Max with Monterey and Sketchup 2022 and 2023 run perfectly fine.

Me too!

Then it must be Ventura! That’s the MacOS I’m running on Apple Silicon. Other MacOS is Monterey with 2017 MacBook Pro with Quad-Core Intel Core i7. (FWI…Try printing with Zoom Extents, Parallel Projection, and Standard views with No “fit” and Scale 1":1") So, 17"x17", Home Plate requires 28 pages to print Viewport! Inkscape appears more suitable on 2017 MacBook with Monterey, but it’s not compatible with Ventura.

Sorry to hear about your struggles. I don’t have an M1 so I can’t offer any advice specific to it, but SketchUp 2022 and 2023 run just fine on my Intel MBP under Ventura 13.5 and two other users have confirmed they run on M1 under Ventura, so I doubt that is the culprit.

Have you been submitting BugSplat reports with your identifying info? If there is a bug you can rest assured it won’t be fixed if the devs don’t know about it!

I wonder, did you install SketchUp the right way by dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications folder icon in the installer dialog? Running directly from the dmg or from an unusual place can cause strange errors. Also what extensions do you have installed? Some crashes may be caused by misbehaving extensions.

You lost me with this sentence. Perhaps you could clarify? Inkscape is a 2D drawing program. What has that got to do with issues in the SketchUp 3D modeling program? Also the Inkscape website says version 1.3 is available in an M1 version without warning about Ventura. Again, I don’t have an M1, but Inkscape runs fine on my MBP.

We recommend using LayOut to print. We have some free courses on SketchUp Campus to get you up and running. You can also check out this video comparing the difference between printing to scale in SU vs LayOut - Printing to Scale - SketchUp Vs LayOut - YouTube