Can you make a turtle sandbox in the sketchup app?

Hi, so I use my ipad for sketchup and for a project i need to make a turtle sandbox- is it possible to do it on the app (i have a mouse for ipad if that helps at all)?

I for one don’t understand what a ‘turtle sandbox’ is.

Is this a model of a sandbox for the (sometimes pet) animal, a turtle?

Or related to the programming concept of a ‘turtle’?

Or something else altogether?

Can you clarify please, to get a sensible and useful answer to your question?

And why is the category SketchUp Viewer? You can’t draw anything in the Viewer, only view an existing model, and take some measurements from it with the Tape Measure tool.

It’s a sandbox roughly shaped as a turtle and a cover that looks like a shell … just a sec …

My grandkids have this one.

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The iOS Sketchup Viewer is just that - a Viewer of Sketchup models.

It might be possible (it depends on the model of iPad, I think) to use a web browser in iOS to draw using the Sketchup Free (web) app. But that’s not the viewer.

It is free for hobby use, so if you just want to draw one, and/or use the model to help you make one for your grandchildren, that would fall within the non-commercial use of SU Free.

Or you could download the Sketchup Make 2017 desktop app (the latest free version, also for non-commercial use only) for either Mac or Windows.

But you can’t draw anything in the Viewer app which you imply you have for your iPad.


They were playing in it earlier and then later when we had them for Daughter’s date night. Only problem with it is they keep wanting to put the sand outside it.

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