Can you import a skp file into cura?

can you import a skp file into cura?
or render it to a other format
because i print with cura.

No, but you can export as STL, and those work well in Cura.

Output an STL file. With SU Make 2017, I think you need a plugin for that, IIRC.

where can i get that plugin


Solid Inspector is also an important plugin when doing 3D printing.

I did test that extension just now. One thing to know is that you get the STL as a separate item in the File menu, it won’t be under the Export/Export 3D model list. Also, you can export text or binary, I only tested with binary, but that worked fine with Cura.

As a Make user you should be looking at the appropriate commercial extensions.

but in which map do i need to put the file from the extensions?

do i need to put this file into a map?

Are you talking about dragging it to a directory using Windows Explorer? It’s easier to use the Install Button on Extension Manager window than doing it manually.

Please explain what you mean by ‘map’…
You install any extension using its RBZ file, which you have downloaded and which is then loaded using the built-in “Install-Extension” red-button - available in the “Window > Extension-Manager” dialog [in very old SketchUp versions it’s accessed through the Preferences dialog]
It’s a simple process…
Everything is automatically unpacked into the correct subfolders in your user’s Plugins folder.

What the other two said would work, but as the extension is in Extension Warehouse, just open that from the Window menu, sign in, then search for SketchUp STL. Use the Install button and it will put things in the right place.

It’s worth mentioning that SketchUp Free, available at has STL export and Solid Inspector built-in specifically for 3D printing users.

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What you say is true, and may be right for most people. In answering we often check the profile of the poster, and this is a Make 2017 user, which is why we gave those answers.