Can you export license?

I need to update my Windows 10 with a clean install, which means wiping out my current SU install… as to not go over my allotted SU installs, I need to export my license and then re-import it after my Win10 upgrade. How should this be done?

I believe you need to explicitly uninstall Sketchup before wiping the drive and doing a new install of the OS. You should have an e-mail with your license info or you can get in touch with Customer Support and ask them to resend the license info.

You may be right… uninstalling the program is not the problem though… I have my license number.
I’m thinking the red “Remove License” button under Help > License pulldown menu might be what I am after, but, would love confirmation from SU first.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Before I upgraded to Win10, I removed the SketchUp license from the system that was to receive the new OS. After the upgrade was successfully installed, I reinstalled the latest version of SU and reapplied the same license and confirmation code information that was provided with it. No problems with the reinstallation of SU or any other software has been encountered.

Thanks jv… sounds like what I described above… that was my hope… I know autocad does it similar with export/import licenses…

Just FYI, the license files are kept at:

"%ProgramData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/"

(But I agree, the UI interface for removing and then reapplying the license is the normal method.)

Also in the “Layout” sub-folder (of the above folder,) are scrapbooks, etc. If you saved any custom scraps, templates, or pattern fills in those sub-folders … you may wish to copy that entire folder tree to a backup drive, so it can be restored later.

LayOut also allows you to add multiple folder locations for templates, scrapbooks and pattern fills.
Likely they have been set up already in the user %AppData% path. (Check Edit > Preferences > Folders)
If you add any other version independent folders (like I do in my Documents path,) then you’ll need to copy them as well.

Also there are many settings you may wish to copy. They are kept in XML files in the %AppData% folder. Ie

"%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/LayOut"

Same for SketchUp. You’ll likely wish to just save and restore all the sub-folders of:

"%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/"

(You can omit the “cookiejar.xml” and “session.dat” files in the “SketchUp” sub-folder.)

SketchUp, templates and components are still kept in one of the %ProgramFiles% paths.

If 64-bit (on 64-bit Windows) or 32-bit (on 32-bit Windows) then:

"%ProgramFiles%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/"

If 32-bit (on 64-bit Windows) then:

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/"

If you created any custom components collections or custom templates, you’ll need to copy them as well, either from your custom folder locations (I put mine in my Documents path,) or from the appropriate sub-folder of the application program folder given above.)

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SketchUp Pro single user licenses are “locked” to the machine on which you licensed SketchUp. If you purchase a new machine and want to transfer your SketchUp license to that new machine, you will want to remove your license from your old machine. To remove the license:

Select SketchUp > License (OSX) or Help > License (Windows)
Click the link labeled “Remove License” - you will see a confirmation dialog.
Click the Remove License button - your license will be removed.

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