Can you assign height values to sandbox grid?

I am a total newbie here - I have a paper print only of a sloping site with a 2m grid with the levels for each node. Can I load those figures into a sandbox grid to create the terrain?

If you make yourself a 2m grid, you can adjust the elevation (z axis location) of each node individually with the move tool. With nothing on screen selected, invoke the move tool and click on an individual node, use the up arrow to lock the movement to the z axis, start the move up, then let go of the mouse and type the distance that node should move above the starting plane. This might be tedious if you have a large area to cover, but if you want node to node accuracy…


Thanks - this looks like the exact operation I am looking for - and you have explained understandably without assumptions of a high skill level (which I don’t have)!

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You can also use endpoints for the terrain. Start with a grid and draw in the heights using the line tool.
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Nice! Thank you!