Can this shape be produced using component attributes?

Let me try this again:

cabinet.skp (1.2 MB)

the upload has not worked

think you may have uploaded the wrong file

if not, then the answer is yes, at least two ways

One way is the @pcmoor method :slight_smile: The empty space is a glue-component which has the face ‘hidden’ and set to cut out. It is within the larger rectangle and get its attributes from it.

check out the file:

cabinet.skp (60.5 KB)

I have purge the model, before uploading…check the file size now

Pcmoor & MikeWayzovski,

Thanks a lot for your patience

Both of you allude to there being more than one way to accomplish this rectangle cut-out.
I fumbled my way to this method last night then noticed pcmoor’s model this morning.

My approach produces a slightly different visual result in that there is no apparent line under where the hood fan would be in the cabinets. This would be the more accurate representation in an installed kitchen cabinet. Pcmoor’s method, however, has much cleaner code.

My approach requires a lot more keyboard acrobatics.
If you explode my component you will see that it is comprised of five individual stacked rectangles.
The line segments where they juxtapose to each other are hidden.

A cabinet like this is typically constructed out of three elements.
The drivers to cabinet layout are overall height cabinet system minus intrinsic height of hood fan and distance from hood fan to bottom of adjacent wall cabinet.

Are there any other ways to accomplish what Pcmoor’s model does minus the bottom line under hoodfan?

maybe.skp (42.8 KB)

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