Can the SketchUp Viewer be used by a company for free

Is SketchUp Viewer free for commercial use? The company don’t have any sketchUp license, they just want it to use for viewing.

thanks for answering!

have you read the EULA?

Yes, but I didn’t see any word says it’s FREE for commercial use.

I got viewer for my tablet before it became free.

I see what you mean, the EULA doesn’t seem to be clear and also still refers to payments and subscriptions. Maybe this refers to the AR component (which is subscription / payware).

2.3 refers to personal use
2.4 prohibits the use for the benefit of a third party (amongst other things)

Colour me interested in knowing the answer here as well then…

@katrina_espinosa Thank you for your questions about the use of SketchUp Viewer. To clarify, we allow usage of the SketchUp Viewer mobile app for both personal and commercial use. This is true for users who may have purchased the app (prior to June 6, 2018), users who are using the (now) free app, as well as for those users who (after June 6, 2018) paid for the premium feature set via in-app subscription.

Please note that any use – whether personal/non-commercial or commercial – is subject to the terms of the applicable license agreement, such as (but not limited to) Section 2.5 (License Restrictions) in the current SketchUp EULA and Section 1.1 (Restrictions) of the SketchUp Viewer (for Mobile) EULA.

For example, while you may use the SketchUp Viewer mobile app to view models while engaged in commercial work and/or charge for services/time associated with presenting a project in SketchUp Viewer, you may not distribute, sell, sublicense, rent or lease the SketchUp Viewer application license to your clients or anyone else.

I hope that helps clarify things for you.

Is there something that makes the Viewer work on a Surface tablet? it used to work and now it only works if you download the file, download Trimble connect and start over every time
Phone app is too small to use to show clients

The Viewer app comes in three flavors,;mobile, desktop and as VR for differnt VR devices.

Surface tablets run on windows, so you will need to install the desktop viewer.

Hi, when you say Sketchup Viewer mobile app, I assume that means for a phone. But my boss and his clients are using a Surface Pro, which is a tablet. Why can’t they get the same Viewer I have on my Samsung laptop? They don’t like needing to have internet access (since sometimes they’re in the field) and download it every time, and then it disappears the minute they close the lid… this also applies to the SketchUp Free version

FYI I just renewed my Skp Pro license to 2019. I’m a little nervous that if clients and bosses can’t easily look at models they will expect me to use some other software like Vectorworks to do 3D renderings, which I would rather not do

Hi @wendym, when you visit the new My Apps page on your boss’ Surface Pro tablet (which runs Windows), you’ll want to download and install the SketchUp Desktop viewer (circled in the attached image). The Mobile Viewer apps (for iOS & Android) run on phones and tablets, like your Samsung tablet (which I presume runs Android).

The Desktop Viewer should not require access to the internet in order to view files that have already been saved to a Surface Pro.

thanks ! We will give it a try,

@MikeTadros referring to this thread, it is clear that “SketchUp Viewer mobile” for Android and mobile version is Free for commercial use and that SketchUp Viewer (desktop viewer) seems implied free for commercial use too from the EULA link.

Still just to be sure, would really appreciate if we could get a clear understanding that Desktop-SketchUp Viewer (Version 2019 as of current with different EULA) is good for company desktop computers installation just for viewing and print out purpose?

My work place do hold licenses for SketchUp Pro (various versions) but as collaboration is typically across different people hence not everyone could afford a license just to read / share files.

Many thanks in advance. hope for a clear reply on this.

summarizing - can I use SketchUp Viewer commercially to view projects? Can I install on my laptop with Windows 10 ?

Can i use Sketchup viewer desktop commercially free ? I need this to view projects.

Hi sgdledz, We’re sadly unable to provide interpretations of the EULA.

However, the desktop viewer does not require a license key, and there is no payable fee to use it.

We intend that people are able to create work in SketchUp, and to send files for review to others who do not have a professional license.

Hopefully that helps.

@MikeTadros Hello Mike,
I am a Sketchup Pro user for years and I am happy that I could read my models in Sketchup Viewer on my iPhone and iPad. My situation here is that I purchased Sketchup Viewer with USD9.99 in July 3, 2016 which comes with AR feature with no additional cost. Recently, I try to use the AR feature and it asks me to pay for it, subscribe $9.99/year.
Could you explain why it changed the rules in the middle of this?

Plus: The AR feature is the only reason I purchased when it ask $9.99 to download and the AR feature comes with it.