Can someone help me make this shape

hi ive looking at how to make this shape and I have no idea could I get some help please, dimensions: highest point - 25mm
length - 65mm
widest point - 32mm
help would be much appreciated

What is it and where did the images come from? Might be something you could get some better drawings or maybe a CAD file of. It would be easier to give you direction with more information.

To me it looks like the images could be taken from a SketchUp model…

it came from this site

Someone might fudge a model, but there is a lot of info missing that would be needed to create an accurate model. For example:

  • the part looks different at the two ends, but there isn’t enough info to be certain of the shapes.
  • what is the size of the hex socket near the top? Is there another one on the other side?
  • Is there something like a clamp bolt under that hex socket? Just a through hole?
  • what is the width of the slot at the top, and the difference in how far it comes down on the two sides?
  • are the two posts on the bottom the same size (they look different)? what size are they? Do they have holes up inside them, or are they solid?
  • the through hole near the bottom is evidently meant to clamp onto a rail of some sort. What is the actual size and shape of the rail?
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