Can somebody helpme with transforming my 2023 skp file to a 2017 file

science center.skp (1.2 MB)

What version of SketchUp are you really using? There is no SketchUp for Schools 2017 as your profile indicates.

You need to sort this out for yourself. You keep coming here to ask us to convert your files for you. If you’re really using SketchUp 2017, create your models in 2017. Or use the extension Open Newer Version in SketchUp 2017 to open these files. I told you that two weeks ago.

im using sketchup 2017

Fix your forum profile, then.

First one is free… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The file is far from the origin and a bit of an unorganized mess, but here you go.

science center 17.skp (4.0 MB)

thank you!

If that is correct, then I am curious where are the files coming from that you apparently create in 2023 format? I assume you are creating such 2023 files based on the topic title “my 2023 skp file”.

At home im using sketchup 2017 and when im working or school im using sketchup online. The applications runs smoother on my pc so i want the files in 2017 format.

This Forum post tells about a program that will Save Newer SketchUp files to an older format
[Program for Windows] s4u Save As Sketchup • sketchUcation • 1

You do not have to open the file in SketchUp first, just convert it to the version you need. Then open it in SketchUp

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