Can SketchUp API export vertex and polyline3d?

Hi Experts,

Just a simple question, can the C API export vertex/points and polyline3d?
If yes what the API should I use?

You mean that special entity you get when holding down shift while using the Freehand tool?
That entity type hasn’t been exposed in any of our API. It’s a rather obscure entity - what do you want to use it for?

As for exporting vertices, have you had a look at the exporter examples?

polyline3d I didn’t mean the special entity, just basic curve object like straight, ray, circle, composite, nurbs…
For example I have a circle, how can I write in into sketch up file? could you give some hit on what APIs I should use?

vertices I mean standalone geometry vertex/point, not mean the control point associated with a line/face. I saw the xmlimporter.h/cpp files, seems those vertices are control points for faces. so can I write out a single SUPoint3D object to sketch up file?

Write to a SketchUp file? I though you where exporting from SketchUp to another format. Are you exporting to SKP?
The Entities collection allow you to add entities to the model:
There you have SUEntitiesAddCurves for instance.

ray is not an entity in SketchUp. (Is it in any application? Technically a ray is a point and a vector.)
I don’t know what you mean by “composite”.
SketchUp do not have nurbs.

You mean a guide point? That’s the only free standing point SketchUp support. Vertices cannot be standalone in SketchUp, they must be bound to edges.

Thank you tt_su.
I can write out circles now.