Can rbe files be decrypted

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Is this one of our own extensions?

@thomthom @ene_su check this.

This cannot be done. The whole purpose of RBE files is to protect the intellectual property of the developer.

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One day about 2 years ago, a user sent me an RB file of the plugin which I encrypted to the RBE format. So… :slight_smile:

Why would you want to decrypt these files?

I don’t suppose it was from this discussion:

If it was, the answer is pretty funny, Christina made a GitHub page for it:

When I use some plug-ins, I find that some of their functions are defective, so I want to modify it myself
Can you help me :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:

I don’t understand, just want to warn about the security of RBE from the information I have.

I was taking a guess about what extension you received two years ago.

If you’re saying that you think it’s easy to decode RBE files, then I will leave that to Thom and Christina to answer.

You guessed wrong! :slight_smile:
I have received these plugins

No, developers encrypt their extensions to protect their intellectual property. Instead of modifying these extensions yourself you should report issues to the developers for them to fix them.


So you received decrypted versions of your own plugins? 2 years ago rbs encryption was still an option I believe. Is it possible that you encrypted them with rbs instead of rbe?


Never used RBS

Some people have too much time and try to decrypt anything scrambled. I am not surprised rbe got broken too.

Yes, there are hackers for whom the mere idea of encryption is a challenge. In many cases, their interest is in the encryption itself rather than the contents that were encrypted. In any case, revealing the unencrypted source is a violation of the author’s IP rights.

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