Can Pro for Web do the things Sketchup Make 2017 can?

I have been using Sketchup Make for many years, and am thinking about ‘upgrading’ to Pro. Ironically, I’m worried that I’ll lose some of the features I’m used to using.

With Pro for Web, can you

  1. customize toolbars?
  2. have multiple files open simultaneously?
  3. import pics and textures?
  4. save as (large) jpg?
  5. Save to local hard drive?
  6. ‘save as’ files that are readable by earlier versions (of Sketchup Make)?
  • customize toolbars?


  • have multiple files open simultaneously?

Via multiple tabs in the browser.

  • import pics and textures?


  • save as (large) jpg?

You can export PNG images.

  • Save to local hard drive?

You can download the .skp file to your local drive.

  • ‘save as’ files that are readable by earlier versions (of Sketchup Make)?


What is it that has you thinking about upgrading to SketchUp Shop (the pro web version)? What sort of models do you create? How do you use said models?

The web-based ‘Shop’ is suitable for commercial use, however it doesn’t support Extensions.
The ‘Make’ version stops at v2017, and it’s also for personal use only: however, it does support Extensions.

Depends how you use it…

Thanks, Dave! That helps a lot!
I work in a testing lab, designing test frames and fixtures which become fabrication drawings for machinists/carpenters. I’ve been seeing “2017 isn’t getting any younger” on the splash screen for a while, so I’m thinking about long-term solutions. I’m also looking at the Nov 4 cutoff for buying Classic.

If you can’t customize toolbars, are there at least as many keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks, TIG.
It looks like the demise of Sketchup Make 2017 will be compatibility with Windows OS updates. Would this also be true for Classic Pro?

The standard keyboard shortcuts exist in the Shop version and you can set keyboard shortcuts for those that aren’t standard or you can customize the existing ones.

There’s no way to know what Windows OS updates might do in the future but currently Sketchup 3.1 runs just fine in Windows 10 which didn’t even exist at the time of the release.

SketchUp 2020 (the current version of Sketchup Pro that is still available with the Classic license would probably have many years left with Windows updates but again, there’s no way to know for certain. If you need to be able to use certain features such as extensions, you may still want to go to the desktop version instead of the web version. It may be that it’s more practical for your use.

Much thanks, Dave!

That seems as if it could be construed as commercial use of SketchUp Make, which is not permitted by the Make terms of use / license agreement. Just a thought.

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Yeah, we’re looking into that. We’re a government lab (which isn’t exempted), but we definitely don’t “sell, rent, or lease the output of the Software” as the EULA prohibits. Deciding this is… not in my job description.