Can not open 3DWH inside SketchUp at China



maybe internet connection problem?


already resolved. google’s link’s problem


We’ve updated 3Dwarehouse to not include links from Google that wouldn’t work. It may have slow load times, but we’ll continue to look at ways of improving this.


Yes- turns out this is a complex problem. More complex than we probably thought it would be originally. Some internet services work inside China, some do not— and this situation can change from day to day. We’re getting more scientific about this and you should continue to see gradual improvement over time.



Thanks, John, I followed the step:

with something like this:


looks like works on me and testers. but others told me it does not work. anyway. thanks for your reminding. I will keep an eye on it.


It’s still slow, and we’re continuing to make changes to speed it up. Periodically when we push updates that we think may speed it up, we’ll try to update you.