Can not exit Scene & return to model?


The scene tab remains blue & all layers turning off jumps order ascending & reverse?


When you change your camera position, you automatically get out of the scene. You have to turn on your layers again but don’t worry, your original scene won’t change (unless you right click and Update).


Is that orbit or camera view, I’ve used them both & the scene tab remained highlighted blue. Finally deleted the scene. Hit axis tool & the axis’s appeared correct. Now when I draw a rectangle the rectangle is drawn on the vertical plane blue axis & no where near the point of initiation?


The blue colour is normal. Whatever tool you use (Orbit, Standard Views, Parallel Projection, etc) to change the view, you will automatically exit your scene. The blue colour just remains there. Nothing to worry about.

If you want to reset the Axes, right click on them and choose “Reset”.


Thanks bud. I’ll have to use that more often. I got so use to AutoCAD menu to switch back to world coordinate system, live & learn I guess?