Can MSPhysics Plugin Simulate Wood Chair?

I drew and modeled a rocking chair for a carpenter. It’s pretty similar to Relaxer 2 rocking chair by Verner Panton. Basically it’s a rocking chair that looks like an arc. He builded it but it leans its backside too much. I modeled a different one that bottom part of the arcs more thicker and upper part thinner although he wants to be sure this one will stay upright. I thought maybe I can help him out with MSPhysics using it on the model. But I’ve never used it and I’m not sure if it has requirement for this kind of thing. Like does it simulate different materials like wood or concrete or it’s just for twisting, rotating or drop things?

MSPhysics can represent different material density for different objects (groups or components). That feature could be handy if the overall model was composed of multiple materials with varying densities. But if the model is composed of one material (be it steel or stone or balsa-wood) the center-of-gravity will be the same regardless of the material’s density. If the chair is all made out of one material (or multiple materials with similar densities) then modeling the different densities won’t matter.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the rocking chair model - as far as physics simulation is concerned within SketchUp - would be to create the bottom curves of the chair’s runners (the part contacting the ground) with a large number of segments, say 100 or so. That way, when the chair settles on the flat segment of the arc that is straight below the chair’s center of gravity, the overall lean of the chair will be close to correct.

It should be pointed out that you will have to go back a few versions to use Msphysics, 2018 if my memory is working.

Thank you