Can it safely be assumed WebDialog still exists while closed?

I’m working on an existing script that uses WebDialog for a WebSocket connection. The web dialog doesn’t really have any useful info; it’s just there for the connection. Contrary to my initial belief the connection appears to be kept even when the user closes the dialog. Is this by design and safe to rely on? The user is quite likely to want to close the WebDialog as it is in the way for their work; can I encourage this in my UX design?

(Sidenote: I want to rewrite and clean up the whole script and use some pure Ruby WebSocket implementation, but I don’t think my manager wants me to do that)

WD’s stay ‘open’ on mac’s, but if I recall correctly, repositioning them off screen was a common ‘windows’ workaround.

it may have been OS linked, because I don’t recall seeing that since XP’s demise…


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Not by design and not part of any API contract.

Well, if you want sockets without open webdialogs with an API contract - that’s the way to go.

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I think I’m just going to document closing the dialog while keeping the connection as a Mac only feature. In time I’d like to refactor but not right now.

I have had good experiences in the past wrapping websocketpp in a ruby extension.