Can I use the MAJ Stair Extension in SketchUp Go? How do I install it?

If not is there another way to calculate step run/rise in SketchUp Go?

Thank you Community!

No, you can’t.
SketchUp Go doesn’t support extensions.
You need Pro for that…

Depending on your local code draw it out, say as a 2D linework profile, add more linework to close the shape and extrude.

I draw a veritcal line between floor levels, divide it into the number of risers and then use guides to produce my construction lines for the pitch and going, etc.

There will be various ways that people make stairs…

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If you know the rise and run of your stairs, it’s pretty simple to lay them out. You can enter the rise and run with the Protractor tool to help layout the steps. Here I’m placing treads but the same sort of thing could be done if you were modeling the stringer or whatever.

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