Can I use Sketch up with high Sierra on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

I recently installed High Sierra on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7. after install I could not open SketchUp Pro which was still in trial and had 17 days left.

I intend to buy Sketch Pro as soon as trial has expired.

I just want to know that Sketch does work on this operating system properly?

I am a beginner to Sketchup but I have a basic understanding of the program. I tried to print out a floor plan but was unable to get the orientation (landscape) to change hence only part of the drawing was printed. This may not be because of incompatibility with High Sierra, however I need to know about problems like this that may occur if I am going to pay for the programme.

Does Sketchup work properly on High Sierra with MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 ???

thank you

Yes, you can work properly on that machine!
Did or did it not work?

Hi I was using the trial period, and then I installed High Sierra at Day 17 and when the MacBook Pro restarted after install I couldn’t use Sketchup trial as the Sketchup home page stated I am an expired user and unlicensed.

I want to buy Sketchup a few more days of checking it out would have been good but I’m now concerned that if I pay for the license will I have trouble opening the programme?

I want to buy a legitimate license how is the best way to do this?

‘Messing’ with the OS during a trial period would have triggered the expirement of the trial, unintentionally. In the old days, one could set the system’s date back to ‘trick’ software that expired.
Depending on in what region you are settled, you can buy license via distributor or reseller (Partners) nearby:

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Hi Mike I am in Brisbane, Australia, I intend to use Sketchup to do house plans for a small house I want to build. I have done some basic floor plans on sketchup however I think I need to send the floorpans to layout?

Is sketchup Pro the right programme for me? it will come with layout and style builder right?

I want to have access to as much help as possible too.

please advice me,

thank you

Local reseller is perhaps prefered (same language or timezone)

Yes,the whole idea beyond SketchUp is that you model in SketchUp in the 3 dimensions and that you can ‘withdraw’ the 2D (constructional) documents from it.
The StyleBuilder lets you create you’re own style (handdrawn) which gou can use for presentation purposes in SketchUp and LayOut.

The support given by the buy of the software is to have the software ‘up and running’ on your computer, although you’re local reseller could also provide some courses or training to get you familiar with the software.
The help could also come from the internet.
The software would not transform a model into a complete set of documents for approval, mind you, you might want help from a local architect for that.

Then there still is the non-commercial Make 2017, in which you could draw your model and communicate you’re ideas with the local architect.

The SketchUp Help portal leads to help, tutorials, …

… and the online User guides …

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I want to know if I can create full Construction Drawings using Sketchup Pro?

is it possible to draw the floor plan then use the floor plan as a guide to create a 3d image then turn the 3d image into a set of plans?

Can we create a custom Header/footer as perhaps a layer? (so we don’t have to repeat the text information on every page.

any useful links that can show me about how to do the above mentioned?

As said, the SketchUp workflow is usually from 3D model to 2D condoc:


Works fine for me.

It is my intention to do my plans myself as I am designing a very simple small house on a small lot of land. I just need to present the certifier with a clear understanding of what I want to build. Also I want to learn about CAD and improve my skills. I am a builder but just turned 40 and want to learn more about design on computers.

I have used computers my whole life so this is just a new adventure.

I have tried to contact the local reseller via email my haven’t received a reply ( 2 days)… Is it possible to buy a safe (real) version of sketch up Pro otherwise?

thank you for all your help so far

SketchUp was designed specifically not to have a traditional clunky command driven CAD interface.
Instead it attempts to mimic the natural pencil workflow. (Ie, it implements tools as if you’d pick them up with your hand and use them interactively on the drawing elements.)

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