Can I use one license for two of my PC's?

Hi, can I use one license for two of my PC’s ?
2nd. is the Radeon RX550/550 Series on one of my PC’s capable of handling 3d generated buildings from Placemaker?
3rd. Can I use Placemaker with SketchUpGo or must I purchase SketchUpPro ?


1 - Yes. One licence can be active in two machines at a time. just two

2 - I’ll say yes, I’ve seen it work with intel chipset GPU. a quick search will tell you that yes, if SU works, placemaker works.

3 - you’ll need Pro. SU Go does not give access to extensions. Placemaker is an extension.

It depends on how big and how many polygons your model has, that gpu has some years and it’s not very powerful, if your model gets to big you could get some lag, just try to keep your model as clean as possible and work efficiently.

Thanks, I’ll see what I can