Can I uninstall and then reinstall SketchUp Pro

When I installed SU Pro 2016 for a user I was logged in to my admin account not the users account. Can I uninstall the software from my admin account log in as the user and reinstall the software using the same serial number and authorization code?

I believe you have to remove the license from the existing installation before uninstalling SketchUp. This frees up the license so that you can apply the serial number and auth code to a new installation on the same computer. I can’t recall, but there may be a limit on the number of times you can do this.

To remove the license do I just start the program and the remove license is there just like the add a license was there during the installation?

On the welcome screen you choose the license panel and then click the “remove license” button.

Thanks very much for your help.

The part about the license has been answered, but FYI, the license info will be kept in the %ProgramData% path, not the user’s %AppData% path. So the license will apply to any user account using the workstation.

If you install using a user account you need to run the SketchUp installer with elevated privileges (right-click “Run as administrator”.) There are also situations (because some resource folders are still in the %ProgramFiles% path,) that the SketchUp application icon needs to be set to always “Run as administrator”.

SketchUp itself, will initialize any new user’s registry key for SketchUp, and create any user %AppData% path folders needed to run SketchUp. This includes copying distributed extensions and classifications. (A check is done each time SketchUp starts.)

So there is no real benefit to doing what is asked in the 1st post.

I think that uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t by itself even remove the license info.


It does not I have to tell it to remove license at the sign in page.

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