Can I render using SketchUp GO?

Hi! I’m trying to figure out if SketchUp GO is right for me and I haven’t found any information about whether I will be able to use a rendering plug-in with it or if I must use SketchUp PRO to be able to render. Thanks!

Go is the web-based modeler so no extensions. You need Pro to use extensions such as a renderer.

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As the web version doesn’t support extensions, what you can do is use a standalone rendering application that can read or import SketchUp files or the file types that you can export from GO.


If you use an engine that works from sketchup like: vray, enscape, thea, brighter 3D etc. You need sketchup pro, if you use twinmotion, D5, unreal engine, Blender etc, you can just export your files and open them on the other software.

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That answers my question, thanks very much everyone!

You can try Sketchup Diffusion with the Sketchup Go Subscription. But results vary (depending on your prompt, model and settings) and you would not get the exact result you’re looking for. You could still give it a shot though.

Hello if i buy Scketchup GO can i:

  • use Diffusion yes / no ?
  • export / import DWG ?
    Thanks for answer
  • Yes, Diffusion is there. (as experimental / LAB fuction)
  • You will be able to export / import DWG.

Here is the official matrix what features/product can be used which subscription plan: