Can i manage ACP(Composite panels) drawings using Sketchup?

Hellow sketch Up community,
Here comes a new challenge for me! I work for a sign company and recently we’ve got a CNC router for improving productivity of the company. Using Su i can manage to handle drawings that i can use mainly for cutting and grooving through aluminum composites, acrylic and other materials. Now i need to know how to produce the drawing like the one shown on the sketch up file shared for ACP(Alucobond panel) so i can manage my consignments. We actually pay for that. I am challenged.
Manage_ACP_Help.skp (485.0 KB)

One could model the panels in 3D, keeping it simple.
That is, single faces, no thickness and single lines where tab notches occur.
Then, using one of several unfold plugins available, unfold the 3D geometry to obtain a flat profile.

Keep in mind SU faces have no thickness.
And so the resulting profile has no allowances for material loss in bending.

Once the 3D geometry is a flat profile, one can primarily use Guides and the Offset tool to create the necessary relief notches.

Flattery v1.0.2

Unwrap and Flatten Faces

jf_unfold_2018 prgsbar.rbz (4.2 KB)