Can I install sketch up on my new laptop?

I bought a new laptop as I am starting my architecture major, but it doesn’t come in until the end of the week. I still have the laptop that I’ve been using for the past years with me and I was wondering if I could install SketchUp (student version) onto my current laptop and install it again on my new computer once it comes in. Thank you!

There is no special ‘student’ version or ‘trial’ version.
Once installed the desktop client or ‘Pro’ on a machine it looks at the assigned plan of the Trimble ID or emailaddress that is signed in.
Check Products > View included apps to see what you have and when they expire.

You are allowed to be signed in with that Trimble ID on two devices (where any version of SketchUp actually counts as a device)
Simply sign out and quit or close SketchUp should free up that device and when the new machine arrives and then install it and sign in again.