Can I haz back the old print dialogs?

A critical disclosure up front: I don’t use Layout because it has always been unstable for the massive models that I end up creating. I found that I need to trick the print dialog into printing in scale, which is generally a dang good feature to have anyway right out of SketchUp. I’m drawing and modeling stuff, and my boss comes by and wants to sketch over something on paper, and all I have to do is set a view of what we’re talking about, adjust the scale of a 2D view in the print dialogs, and send that to the Xerox.

So now we have a dialog that is oversimplified when we want to print. There’s no second dialog to set up the sheet size anymore, which is nice, but now I can’t control anything about what I am printing? This is unacceptable and I will have to go back to a previous version of SketchUp.

At least make the scale of the print and the level of detail of the print possible again. Please?